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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How soon will I paid for an assignment?

A: Firstly, please ensure you have submitted a copy of your receipt or order dispatch confirmation. You will be advised which we require in your assignment email. Payments are made in 2 parts. You will be firstly reimbursed for your purchase within 1 working day of us receiving your receipt or order dispatch confirmation. Upon assignment completion you will then receive your fee. If your assignment did not require you to make a purchase, you will just receive the fee payment at the end of your assignment.

Payments within the UK will usually reach your account within 2 hours. International payments may take up to 5 working days.

Q: What evidence do I need that I have made a purchase?

A: You will be advised in the assignment email what evidence we require.

You should reply to the assignment email with the information requested below this is so we can easily link your evidence with your assignment & mystery shopped IDs.


Generally however for physical purchases you can reply to the assignment email with a copy of your sales receipt either as a photographic image e.g. jpg or png format. You can also submit a copy of your receipt in pdf format if you prefer.

Generally for online purchases you can either attach a copy of your order dispatch confirmation email or submit a screen shot of it in jpg, png or pdf format. You can also print a copy of your dispatch confirmation email as a pdf and attach that instead.

If you have made more than one purchase, evidence will need to be submitted for each purchase e.g. 2 x order dispatch confirmations.

Q: If I am reimbursed for a purchase how do I account this for tax?

A: While we cannot offer specific tax advice, the following generally applies in the UK and most countries. If you have returned the purchase(s) at our request then you have received no benefit so there is no tax implications and the reimbursement and purchase can be ignored for tax purposes.

If you are keeping a purchase, the tax office will deem this to be a "benefit" and you will liable to declare the reimbursement for tax purposes. If you subsequently sell the item(s) for a lessor amount you will be able to offset the difference between the sale price you received and the reimbursement amount we paid you to reduce your tax liability.

If you are in any doubt, we advise you receive advice from a tax advisor.

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